Anthology – Bonus Ep 36 – Blurryman (The Twilight Zone 2019 S01E10)

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In this bonus episode, Matt reviews Blurryman, episode 10 of CBS All-Access’ reboot of The Twilight Zone’s first season.

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Runtime: 1:28:51



Intro – 00:27

  • Notes From Past Eps – 01:50
  • Blurryman – 09:17

Outro – 1:26:08

Show Notes

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One thought on “Anthology – Bonus Ep 36 – Blurryman (The Twilight Zone 2019 S01E10)

  1. Matt, very belatedly leaving a comment about your Blurryman review. First of all, as always, your enthusiasm and insights are greatly appreciated. I’ve listened to your podcasts for some time (though I have fallen behind but catching up) and you always come up with something that I hadn’t heard before. I’m a TZ lecturer and your insights help me in my classes. Back to Blurryman. I think some of your comments about homages in the dialogue were brilliant. And if Peele and company didn’t intend to make those references, they should have. And to your point they should have made more. I think Peele spent too much time trying t be hip and dramatic and not enough time trying to tell engaging stories. That’s where he fell short and Serling excelled. Keep up the great work. And I’m trying to catch up, I promise!


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