Anthology – 004 – The Lonely/Time Enough At Last (The Twilight Zone Season 1)

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This week, Matt reviews and analyzes episodes 7 and 8 from The Twilight Zone’s first season: The Lonely & Time Enough At Last.

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Runtime: 52:39

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  • Introduction – 0:34
  • The Lonely – 5:36
  • Obsessive Viewer Promo – 29:01
  • Time Enough At Last – 29:42
  • Outro – 50:32
  • Outtakes – 52:13

Show Notes


2 thoughts on “Anthology – 004 – The Lonely/Time Enough At Last (The Twilight Zone Season 1)

  1. It’s amazing how beautiful the scenery & cinematography is in these two episodes when you compare it, say, to Star Trek just ten years later. I thoroughly enjoyed these two episodes, especially now finally seeing Time Enough At Last (one of my favourite Futurama jokes comes from this via The Scary Door).

    Surprised you didn’t mention Jack Harden’s role in The Great Muppet Caper! As soon as I saw him in The Lonely, I knew I recognized him – and I thought he kind of looked like the newspaper editor in that movie. I looked him up later and found I was right!

    Anyway, you raised an interesting point about Time Enough At Last being an allegory for drug/substance abuse. It makes the other characters’ extreme hate for reading make a little more sense (but so does reading the episode as being from the main character’s point of view).


    1. Ha, I’ve never seen The Great Muppet Caper but thanks for pointing that out. And I totally agree about the beauty in the cinematography of these episodes and this show. Constantly amazed.

      Drug/substance abuse allegory or not, I do think Time Enough at Last deserves credit for effectively taking something as harmless as reading and turning it into a destructive addiction and something so harmful that everyone in his life hates him for it.


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