Anthology – 005 – Perchance to Dream/Judgment Night (The Twilight Zone Season 1)

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This week, Matt reviews and analyzes episodes 9 and 10 from The Twilight Zone’s first season: Perchance to Dream & Judgment Night.

Tweet me your thoughts on the podcast and The Twilight Zone itself @ObsessiveViewer. You can also reach me on Anthology’s Facebook Page, email me at Matt(at)ObsessiveViewer(dot)com, or call and leave a voicemail for the show: (317) 762-6099.

Runtime: 44:13

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Intro – 00:34

  • Perchance to Dream03:18
  • Obsessive Viewer Promo – 23:35
  • Judgment Night24:30

Outro – 41:47

Show Notes


4 thoughts on “Anthology – 005 – Perchance to Dream/Judgment Night (The Twilight Zone Season 1)

    1. Thanks Matt! Sorry there hasn’t been an episode in a long time. I’m hoping to relaunch the podcast soon. Not sure when, but hopefully soon. Thanks for listening!


  1. Matt, sorry about late reply. Playing catch up on your podcasts. PTD was all about SEX!!!! Hall was a bachelor. Roller coasters = sexual encounter; all that up and down and going into tunnels. Dreams about a seductress who wants to kill him. Beaumont had “issues” as you might have gathered from his bio. Several of his stories had deep sexual underpinnings. Read the story The Howling Man that the episode was based on. Pretty hot stuff for 1950s/60s. But with all the censorship, congrats to Serling for figuring out a way to go to the edge without being caught or censored. And the ability to make the ship painting move was Hall’s way of expressing his fear of being able to make his childhood daydreams come to life. Which only made him that much more afraid of being able to make his nightmares come to life = Maya kills him. Hope this all makes sense. Congrats as always on new insights and perspectives.


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