Anthology – Bonus Ep 10 – Shut Up and Dance (Black Mirror S03E03)

Black Mirror 1400


In this bonus episode, Matt reviews episode 3 from Black Mirror’s third season: Shut Up and Dance.

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Runtime: 52:10


Intro – 00:20

  • Shut Up and Dance – 01:46

Outro – 50:40

Show Notes


One thought on “Anthology – Bonus Ep 10 – Shut Up and Dance (Black Mirror S03E03)

  1. I generally like the podcast, and have listened to several of you episodes. I listen to the Twilight Zone podcast as well. I do have a few comments, however. I notice that you oftentimes unfairly call into question certain parts of episodes. For instance, in A Passage for Trumpet, you use the word “dated” for an effect. As a previous commenter mentioned about another episode you created, these shows were broadcast in the 1960s! What may seem dated now probably wasn’t dated then. Many of these themes and effects were copied for decades after these shows aired. In the same podcast you mentioned that you feel that the mention of Gabriel’s trumpet was foreign to you and that it took away from the episode. Again, this was 1960s America. The vast majority of people would have known the reference. You made another comment about something Jack Klugman’s character said in the pawn shop. Language changes over time. Someone writing in the 1960s can’t be expected to anticipate what language will be like 40 years later. Lastly, in your podcast for A Nice Place to Visit, you commented that you’ve never heard of the phrase. I would wager the vast majority of people in this country have heard the phrase, if not now, then definitely in the 1960s.

    As I mentioned before, I generally like the podcast. There are real flaws in some of these episodes. Some aren’t great stories, some have bad acting, and some twists you can see coming a mile away. Though, I might add that you can see them coming a mile away because they have been copied over and over again since the original series aired. That being said, what might get me to stop listening to the podcast is if you keep nitpicking about things that you just don’t happen to know anything about because you live a different life than most people were living in the 1960s. You can’t hold writers from the 1960s accountable for what someone in the year 2016 knows or doesn’t know.


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